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Keith Overton McArtor is a native of Pryor, Oklahoma.

He graduated Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University in 1980. He went on to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas to earn a Master of Divinity in 1986. In 1991, he graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law with a Juris Doctorate.

He was ordained into the Christian ministry in 1979. Since that time, he has engaged in the Pastoral ministry four times and has preached and taught in numerous settings. At present he serves as Pastor of centenary united Methodist Church in Tulsa.

He began the practice of law in 1991 with the firm Savage, Scott, O’Donnell, McNulty, Affeldt and Gentges. From 1993 until 1996, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa County, specializing in the prosecution of child abuse cases. Since 1996, he has been in the private practice of law in Tulsa.    ....READ MORE




Share why you support Keith McArtor for District Judge

Mr. Keith McArtor has been my friend for a number of years. I have known him as a Pastor, in which he is well respected by the congregation. I have known him as an attorney in which he has represented my interests very professionally. I am convinced that Mr. McArtor will be an excellent District Judge.
— Pastor W.M. Story

In our experience with Keith McArtor as our attorney for family matters, we experience the peace and confidence that come from Keith’s transparency and integrity in all matters, professional, community, and personal. Keith is a man of principle who lives his values of equity, honesty, and justice in and out of the court room. In the courtroom and in dealings with opposing counsel, we have taken great satisfaction in seeing the regard shown to Keith by opposing counsel and judges, alike.

Keith McArtor should be Tulsa County’s District Judge for District 14. Keith demonstrates the mastery of the law, the discernment appropriate to the intention of the laws and justice for all, and the diplomacy necessary to facilitate successful legal proceedings with outcomes that withstand the strongest scrutiny.
— Michael and Sherri Kerpan

I have tried matters against him when he was an assistant district attorney and have represented people charged with the most serious of crimes along side of this man.

In Keith, the law and theology co-mingle to produce both an extraordinary lawyer AND minister. His theological and legal education combine to produce a tough minded scholar that must needs not be underestimated.

There are many difficult matters brought before the bench and each matter is extremely serious to someone. Keith will be a fair and judicial judge with a serious and compassionate social understanding.

I am endorsing Keith for this Judgeship and will provide whatever talents I have to see that this is accomplished.
— Wes Johnson
I support Keith McArtor because he will bring to the bench sound judgment, experience and knowledge.
— Stuart Ashworth

I have known Keith McArtor for more than a decade and have been most impressed by his ability to understand and apply the law to the many issues he has been asked to address as a member of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. He is adept at bringing consensus to the many planning and land use issues the TMAPC is asked to address. His interpretation of the law as applied to various land use and zoning requests makes him a leader in this field and in my estimate makes him the most qualified candidate for District Judge in District 14.
— Dane Matthews

I support Keith because Keith will be an excellent addition to the judiciary. He is hardworking, dedicated and compassionate and will no doubt serve the members of our community well as a Judge.
— Kathleen Egan

Keith McArtor is a man that champions justice, fairness and equality. He stands impenetrable against injustice and heavy handed bureaucracy while protecting the defenseless from those that seek to harm them. Having known Keith since 2011, I can tell you that he is honest, trustworthy, a good listener and extraordinarily persuasive through reasoning. Having a family man with the temperament, legal abilities and demeanor would make a great District Judge and I fully endorse him
— Brian Yuan

I know Keith McArtor to be a straightforward and compassionate person. He is fair, honest, and concerned. He exhibits the qualities and temperament the people need in the courthouse. He is committed to an impartial system of justice. I urge you to give Keith McArtor your vote!
— Gwendolyn Collins-Derrick